Wei Xiang Low (Singapore)  – INSEAD


Journalism isn’t typically an area that leads naturally into an MBA, and being surrounded by high-achieving individuals from industries closely related to business was initially quite daunting for Wei. However, he identified the personal development aspect of the MBA as one that really gave him the confidence to overcome this initial trepidation. Meeting like-minded people from all over the world who shared his appetite to live abroad was both inspiring and comforting.

What’s more, Wei found that his creative background gave him some unique advantages over coursemates who tended to have a more technical background. As he put it, this allowed him to see the grey area whilst others only saw simple black and white solutions.

Ultimately the vast network of INSEAD alumni and the unique international focus of the school were a big part of the reason why Wei got so much out of his time there. Ex-students were a click away on LinkedIn or through the INSEAD website and invariably gave Wei the answers he needed when he ran into any issues. And, with campuses on four different continents, he doesn’t believe many business schools can match the exposure to global issues & global trends that INSEAD students benefit from.