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John Molson School of Business

Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business is located in downtown Montreal, As Canada’s second biggest city and one of its main economic, cultural, and transport hubs, Montreal is regularly ranked as one of the most student-friendly cities world. Though Montreal itself has a vibrant arts scene, diverse culture, and high quality of life, it is also easy to visit the likes of New York, Boston, and Toronto, making it an excellent location for a business school.

John Molson is ranked as one of the best business schools in Canada by Bloomberg, while QS and The Economist both include it in their global top 100. It is easy to see why: The school’s MBA program boasts more than 50 years of excellence in business education, producing a long list of successful alumni around the world. As one of Canada’s leading business schools, John Molson also attracts the country’s largest employers to its recruitment fairs and events.

John Molson’s range of MBA programs is diverse, flexible, and highly-respected. You can study the MBA full-time in 16-24 months or part-time in 3-4 years. The school’s Executive MBA program, meanwhile, takes place on alternating Fridays and Saturdays, allowing students to fit their studies around personal and work commitments. Graduates of these programs go on to work in a diverse range of fields such as technology, transport, and manufacturing, health care, among many others. An incredible 91% of its MBAs are employed within three months of graduation, 93% stay in Canada after graduation. An MBA from John Molson is a mark of prestige among top employers and could be your ticket to a bright new career in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GMAT required?

Yes. For the Full-time / part-time MBA and the MBA in Investment Management, all candidates are required to pass the exam and meet the minimum score requirement (580). Some exceptions may be considered at the discretion of the Admissions Committee (e.g., CFA, CPA, etc.). Read our blog to find out why the GMAT is important.

Executive MBA candidates with considerable work and management experience can submit either a GMAT score or get pre-assessed for an Executive Assessment.

What is the difference between the Full-time / part-time MBA, the MBA in Investment Management and the Executive MBA?

The Full-time/Part-time MBA is a general business administration degree with 10 case-based core courses and five electives covering a wide variety of topics. The program provides students with the flexibility to build a broad skillset and move into various fields post-graduation, such as consulting, finance, marketing, etc. The average profile of students in this program is around six years of full-time, post-graduation, professional experience. However, we do consider candidates with as little as two years of full-time professional experience.

The MBA in Investment Management is a specialized MBA program that integrates the CFA charter materials and focuses on building a skillset in finance. Offered by the Goodman Institute of Investment Management, the program is available in both Montreal and Toronto. Delivered over three years, classes are held on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays, allowing candidates to continue working or pursue work opportunities while studying. The program boasts a high pass rate for CFA Level I first-time takers (double the global average). No work experience is required for this program, although relevant experience in finance is considered an asset.

The John Molson Executive MBA (EMBA) is a 46-credit program that covers fundamental contemporary business concepts. The program is divided into four themes over the fall and winter terms. Each term is capped by an integrative course where the acquired knowledge is applied to real business contexts. Classes are held weekly, alternating on Fridays and Saturdays, and are designed for professionals to work full-time while completing their MBA simultaneously over 20 months. Cohort members average between 12 and 15 years of professional experience. This dynamic environment is set for executive-level discussions that go beyond the classroom and underscore the need to keep abreast of rapidly changing business landscapes. The program includes an international study trip, executive coaching, and health and wellness modules — features that help students develop their careers even further as leaders.

What is case-based learning? What are the advantages of this in an MBA context?

Case-based learning is a unique approach in which students break off into groups to work out strategies and reasoning for resolving a business issue. While the team’s solution is being presented, the class has the opportunity to ask questions so that the team can be further challenged by their peers in order to improve their learning. This hands-on approach is common among leading MBA programs and ensures students are equipped with strong strategy, collaboration and communication skills.

How are scholarships awarded and is there financial aid available?

Applicants to the Full-time MBA and MBA in Investment Management programs who submit their documents before March 1 are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships (up to 40% of the tuition) and entrance awards. In-course scholarships (based on program CGPA) and application-based scholarships through external organizations are also available throughout the program. Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents may qualify for financial aid from Canadian and Quebec student loans and bursary programs.

Please note that there are no scholarships available for Executive MBA candidates, however early applicants can qualify for an early entrance award.

What if I don’t meet the minimum requirements; does that mean I can’t apply?

We take a holistic approach to admissions, meaning we take all parts of an application into account. However, should your CGPA be slightly below our minimum requirement, we recommend showing some academic improvement through a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, or through additional courses in an undergraduate program. Contact us for more information and to discuss your case:

What is Montreal like? Do I need to speak French to study / work in Montreal?

Montreal consistently ranks as one of the world’s best student cities. Safe, clean and cosmopolitan, it offers a high quality of living at a low cost. In an affordable city with a vibrant atmosphere, Montrealers thrive on great food and culture, getting around by using its world-class cycling and public transportation infrastructure. The John Molson MBA programs are entirely offered in English and do not require the use of the French language. Many of our international students secure post-graduation employment in Montreal or Toronto without speaking it. However, to broaden the scope of networking opportunities they have access to and to learn more about the local culture, we recommend all candidates to consider taking additional French classes.

Do students have access to work opportunities during the MBA program?

Students in the Full-time MBA and the MBA in Investment Management have access to internship opportunities through Co-op or through Career Management Services.

Co-op is a non-credit, optional, four-month, full-time, paid work-term to be completed in the second half of the MBA program. Co-op internships allow students to get work experience in a desired industry and to develop their professional network before graduating. In order to apply for Co-op, students must have maintained a 3.3+ CGPA after completing 24 credits in the program.

The Career Management Services team is dedicated to supporting students develop a variety of skills and explore opportunities that will lead them to achieve their professional objectives. They provide career advising, mock interview programs, international student career seminars, networking events with alumni, as well as events with employers and a job database comprising more than 900 employers and 3000 job postings.

As Executive MBA students are usually already employed in Montreal, they generally do not seek out internship opportunities. However they have access to a Leadership Effectiveness and Development Coaching program and an Executives Connect Speaker Series.

Can you conduct a pre-assessment of my profile?

Please note that for the Full-time / part-time MBA and the MBA in Investment Management programs, we do not conduct admissions pre-assessments. The admissions process depends not only on your profile but also on that of candidates for the same session.

For the Executive MBA, candidates may request a pre-assessment by contacting the Assistant Director of the program Sharon Nelson at


The John Molson School of Business was only the fourth business school in Canada to receive AACSB accreditation.


The Economist ranks John Molson among the top 70 business schools in the world.


The John Molson MBA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018.


93% of Molson MBA students stay in Canada after graduating.


Every year Concordia University gives out over 1,700 awards, scholarships, and bursaries to students, totaling more than $15 million.