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Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is located in Kingston, Canada – a small city that is a three-hour drive from Toronto and Montreal. Although it’s close to these major cities, Kingston itself is a buzzing university town with a thriving arts scene and world-class culinary options. And because the majority of Queen’s University students live within a 15-minute walk of campus, the college retains a strong sense of community that you simply won’t find at big city universities.

Smith School of Business is rated as one of the top business schools in Canada by Bloomberg, The Economist, and the Financial Times. But the school has a truly global reputation. With over 100 international exchange partnerships – more than any other school in Canada – Smith students have lots of options to enrich their studies abroad. It also creates an international environment at Smith, with more than 40 countries represented on campus.

Smith’s full-time MBA program delivers technical business expertise coupled with interpersonal skills – so you can see why 95% of Smith MBA graduates are employed within six months of graduation. The Executive MBA comes in an online format or as part of a dual MBA with Cornell University. The online option allows students to join classes remotely from any Boardroom Learning Center, which are located in various Canadian cities. It makes for a unique range of MBA programs that you’re not likely to find elsewhere. 

Canada is an increasingly popular study destination, and if you want to be part of it, Smith School of Business is the perfect place to do your MBA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are students at a disadvantage with a one year MBA that does not offer an internship?

No, absolutely not. Our strong employment statistics of over 95% employed three months post-graduation can attest to this. If someone has more than 2 years of work experience, and an idea of what their career goals will look like post MBA than a one year MBA is the right fit. Our amazing team of career coaches coupled with the extensive corporate partnerships and events that happen during the year make it possible to see a career transition or pivot post MBA.

Does being in Kingston, away from the big city of Toronto hinder the job opportunities for students?

Absolutely not, in fact being in small city has many benefits such as a lower cost of living, better opportunities to connect with a small cohort of students, and the fact that Smith MBA is not on a commuter campus makes it feasible to live close to campus with all the amenities that a large city offers. Smith MBA hosts over 140 events per year, both on campus and online which opens up plenty of opportunities for students to network. Smith also has an On Campus Recruitment (OCR) cycle which begins in late Aug. and runs until mid Oct. For all of these reasons, and many that were not mentioned, make Kingston a great place to pursue your MBA.

How can I best fund my MBA?

There are many ways to help fund the MBA tuition, and living costs such as loans, scholarships and personal savings. It is important to start the process of being financial prepared early. Have a conversation with your family, support system on how they may be able to help you – and then look at your own financial institution for loan options in your home country. You should go into the MBA journey with some personal savings, as well, I recommend looking at international loan options if you are an International candidate. MPower is a great one to consider. Consider that you may also be able to work while you study for at least part of the time, which can help offset some costs. The Smith MBA is an all-inclusive MBA, which means all of your text books, cases and materials will be covered as part of your tuition.  And, we do not have an application fee!

How can I secure a scholarship?

The Smith MBA takes a very holistic approach to recruitment, meaning we are looking at  your entire application to determine your candidacy. We review you for scholarship by ensuring you meet the minimum requirements. Areas such as your work experience is assessed on the basis of quality, and accomplishments. We also want to see a strong GPA in your undergrad. If you have a Master’s degree and/or a designation such as a CFA this can also lend itself well to assessing your quantitative aptitude. And extra-curricular activity, hobbies and interests are also assessed to determine scholarship. Keep in mind 70% of our candidates secure an award which ranges from $5000 up to $60,000 CAD.

Is there a deadline to apply.

Our application process is generally on a rolling admissions. However, we do strongly recommend that International candidates apply before September of any given year because it can take up to 3 months or more to secure a study permit. Therefore, we encourage all candidates to consider starting their application early. We do not have a fee to apply, and we also offer no obligation preliminary assessments. Please visit our website to start an application today.

If I have over 10 years of experience can I be considered for a Full time MBA program?

We typically assess the quality of post graduate work experience in determining overall fit. If a candidate has over 10 years of work experience, which includes management and leadership skills they are likely a better fit for an Executive MBA. The work average of our Full time MBA class is generally 5 years of experience and the range is 2 – 9 years typically.  

Why does the Smith Full time MBA program begin in January, which is off cycle to most other MBA programs?

The Smith MBA has a unique start in January each year with only one cohort of 85-90 students, the program is based in Kingston, ON. And is considered a residential MBA. There are many advantages to starting in January; the first is that our students start and finish the MBA in one calendar year, which makes them ready to begin their post MBA careers in the new year, which aligns with Canada’s corporate hiring structure. Our on campus recruiting is also in the late summer, early fall timeframe, which is ideal because of students have finished the core fundamental MBA courses and have spent 8 months preparing with a career coach prior to the interviews. Our strong employment statistics year over year attribute to the success of starting in January.


The school is named after Canadian entrepreneur Stephen J.R. Smith, whose $50 million donation is the largest ever made to a Canadian business school.


Smith has over 100 exchange partnerships with schools around the world – that’s more than any other business school in Canada.


The school’s full-time MBA is ranked among the top 100 programs in the world by both The Economist and the Financial Times.


95% of Smith MBA graduates accept a job offer within six months of graduation.


Smith students can join executive MBA classes remotely via the school’s Boardroom Learning Centers, which are located throughout Canada.
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