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HKU, The University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the global financial and business centers, home to the fourth largest stock market in the world, the second-highest number of billionaires of any city and one of the highest per capita levels of income in the world. Every facet of Hong Kong is geared towards doing business, whether that be the low levels of taxation or the high levels of economic freedom that continue to propel the growth of this thriving region that was once a humble collection of fishing villages and farms.

Within this densely-populated area you will find The University of Hong Kong: the oldest university in Hong Kong and also the top-ranked. It houses one of the most international student bodies in all of Asia and this commitment to internationalisation means that student exchanges, foreign study trips and global partnerships with other institutions are all key features of their offering. It is quite rightly considered as one of the top universities in the world, ranked 25th by QS with near-perfect scores for academic reputation, international faculty and international students. And HKU certainly takes advantage of being on the doorstep of one of the most dynamic business communities in the world, fostering close relationships with employers that have led to a graduate employment rate of 99.4%.

The HKU MBA is #1 in Asia and has sat atop The Economist MBA Rankings in the continent for 9 years in succession. There are two different ways of studying for the MBA: full-time or part-time. The full-time option takes one year to complete – always an attractive feature for prospective candidates – with nine months spent in Hong Kong and a four month placement at one of London, New York or Shanghai. The part-time option offers greater flexibility, with students able to study for their MBA in weekend or weekday modules over the course of 2-4 years. However you decide to study for it, a HKU MBA puts you on the road to future success.

MBA Programs offered by the University of Hong Kong:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is HKU's MBA class profile?

HKU encourages students from all professional backgrounds as diversity of thought, personalities, education and work experience is a cornerstone of HKU MBA.

Class profile of 2020

Full-time programme:

  • Class Size: 50-60
  • 13 Nationalities
  • Avg. Age: 29 (24 – 47)
  • International Students: 98%
  • Avg. years of working experience: 5.67
  • Male vs. Female ratio: 49% : 51%

Part-time programme:

  • 22 Nationalities
  • Avg. Age: 33
  • Local vs. Non-local: 48% : 52%
  • Avg. years of working experience: 10
  • Male vs. Female ratio: 55% : 45%

How is The University of Hong Kong's alumni network?

Alumni engagement is an integral part of building an alumni community and providing a platform for students and alumni to exchange knowledge and forge friendships. Such engagement is beneficial to both students and alumni, as it helps them to expand their professional networks and creates opportunities for personal and career development. The many initiatives of Alumni Services help to enrich students’ MBA experience. These initiatives include enrichment and networking activities, an alumni portal and regional alumni chapters.

Which career-related activities does HKU offer to MBA students?

The HKU MBA Career Development & Training (CDT) Team works closely with MBA students throughout their MBA journey to provide career advice and guidance, enhancing their professional and personal skills, and equipping them with network connections to relevant corporate and recruitment partners. Our team consists of seasoned professionals experienced in career coaching and employer engagement, enabling students to realize their unique career visions throughout their MBA journey.

CDT offers a wide range of activities for students, including Professional Development Workshops, Company Visits, Leadership Talks, and a Mentorship Programme. Our workshops and leadership talks are hosted both online and in-person at various venues across Hong Kong. CDT organizes annual Business Treks to Singapore, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, where students visit companies, and connect with HKU MBA alumni and senior business leaders during their stay. Our team works closely with each student to understand his or her goal and career aspirations, and we strive to equip students for success within a competitive global marketplace.


What MBA programs does HKU offer?

Full-time MBA:
The Full-time HKU MBA is an intensive 1 Year programme with three tracks: the London track, New York track and Hong Kong/China track.

The University of Hong Kong and its prestigious MBA programme is a major participant in, and contributor to, the business culture of Hong Kong and mainland China. Today’s MBA students demand an approach that sets them up for success both regionally and internationally and provides them with a learning experience that bestows upon them a first-class education, real-world experience, and a deep understanding of international business and the cultural differences and nuances therein. HKU’s full-time MBA programme is specifically designed to produce these outcomes. Our Asia-Pacific and China focus gives our students a unique advantage in building their careers in the region and beyond. The first 9 months will be spent in Hong Kong followed by the final 4 months at either LBS, CBS or Fudan University depending on the track they have chosen.

Part-time MBA:
The part-time MBA at HKU is designed to help you to comprehend, manage and capitalise on the region’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment, while providing you with maximum flexibility to balance work-study life.

As the Asian economy continues to grow, it is vital that business leaders from the region are exposed to cutting-edge business education that is tailor-made for achieving success in the dynamic Asian arena.

The HKU MBA adopts an experiential-learning approach, with a strong focus on China and Asia. You will learn how to apply business principles and models to real-world business problems in China and the region. All courses are taught by using context-rich business scenarios and cases based on actual experiences at well-known Asian and global companies.

How is HKU's application and admissions process?

Required supporting documents

The following documents need to be submitted along with the online MBA application:

  • Official transcripts and other academic supporting documents OR documents which have been certified by a notary public (e.g. Degree certificate) (transcripts and degree certificates are not in English should be accompanied by a certified translation in English)
  • Official GMAT/GRE report (We do understand in certain locations GMAT/GRE test are not possible. Kindly get in touch with HKU to discuss the way forward)
  • Official score report of an English-language proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS (for applicants from institutions outside Hong Kong
  • Reports from two referees 
  • A copy of your passport (page with photo)/photo ID
  • Resume

Once the Admission Committee has received online applications and supporting documents, we will shortlist the candidates for interviews. Local candidates are interviewed in person, and international candidates either by phone or video conference. Interview invitations are sent to the email address provided in the application. An additional interview or further documentation may be required in some cases.

Note: The HKU MBA Office places greater importance on the interview process than on essays, as we believe the best way to evaluate an applicant is through personal interaction, which helps us to better understand the motivation and personality of prospective students.

What is HKU's tuition fee and what are the average costs of living?

HKU MBA Full-time programme:

London Track with London Business School
New York Track with Columbia Business School
Hong Kong/China Track

The HK$588,000 tuition fee is payable in three instalments over one year and is subject to change and final approval by The University of Hong Kong.

Upon receiving notice of admission, successful candidates are required to pay a deposit of HK$75,000 to confirm offer acceptance.

Estimated monthly living expenses for a single full-time MBA student while living in Hong Kong (HK$):

  • Average Accommodation: 6,500 – 7,000
  • Food: 4,500
  • Transportation: 500 – 1,000
  • Miscellaneous: 2,000

HKU MBA Part-time programme:

  • HK$468,000 payable in six instalments over two years and subject to change and final approval of The University of Hong Kong.
  • Upon receiving notice of admission, successful candidates are required to pay a deposit of HK$50,000 to confirm offer acceptance.

Does HKU offer financial aid?

The Merit-Based Scholarships are granted to a number of full-time and part-time MBA students each year on the basis of individual merit such as admission interview performance, career background, GMAT/GRE score and academic qualification. All MBA applicants are automatically considered for such scholarships and separate application is not required.

What is the language of instruction at ALU?

All courses are offered in English.

Is ALU SB accredited?

The ALUSB MBA is awarded by ALU Rwanda and is accredited by Rwanda’s Higher Education Council.

Which universities appear on the final certificate?

The MBA degree will be awarded by the African Leadership University School of Business (ALUSB), which is the school that will appear on the degree certificate. While ALUSB is collaborating with other institutions to deliver a number of the online courses in the ALU MBA programme, the bulk of the degree will be designed and delivered by ALUSB, consistent with our commitment to creating a degree that is as relevant as possible to African business leaders. As such, while the ALU MBA will provide alumni status at ALU and access to a number of ALU-related networks (ALU alumni; the African Leadership Network), the MBA degree will not confer special status (alumni or other) at the other institutions.


HKU is the oldest and most prestigious university in Hong Kong, having been established in 1911 whilst the region was still a British colony


The HKU MBA is the 6th best in the world for women, according to the Financial Times ranking


The university’s Hong Kong campus covers 160,000m2 across several British-style buildings


The MBA class of 2020 had an international student population of 98%, with 13 nationalities represented and an average age of 29


The HKU MBA can boast a graduate employment rate of 98%, with the vast majority of graduates (88%) going on to secure a role in Asia