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Woxsen School of Business

Region: Asia

Country: India

City: Hyderabad

ABOUT Woxsen School of Business

Located in an impressive 200-acre campus in Hyderabad, Woxsen University offers programs focused entirely on developing entrepreneurial thinking and action. 

The Woxsen culture inculcates in students a spirit of enquiry that drives a lifelong pursuit of personal and intellectual growth. This culture fosters innovative thinking and fuels that quest to find unconventional solutions to complex business & societal problems.

Across every sphere of activity, we at Woxsen, students, teachers and staff strive for highest standard of achievement, a commitment towards a purpose, master cutting edge practices, and bring in a positive mindset in everything we do. Talent Acquisition teams from a wide spectrum of organisations have endorsed this view and have returned year after year to offer our students positions of responsibility in their organisations.