Why do students love the Scheller MBA?

Students on the Georgia Tech Scheller MBA frequently speak about their experience in glowing terms. With the help of three people who have been there and done that, we detail the key points of the program that appeal so greatly to students past and present.

In short

Scheller College of Business MBA: A summary

It should come as no surprise that, as part of Georgia Tech in the heart of midtown Atlanta, Scheller School of Business puts a strong emphasis on leveraging technology in business. The core courses are constantly updated to meet the changing demands of the business world, so the program remains relevant for each cohort.

It’s this breadth of options open to Scheller MBA students that causes Anh-Vy to say, “Scheller is great because in your core curriculum, you get a taste of operations, you get a taste of marketing, strategy, events, statistics, and analytics.” (00:16) With a far-reaching knowledge base to work from, graduates can channel their post-MBA efforts into a vast array of career paths.

In addition to the lessons learned in the classroom, students undertake an internship between the first and second years of their course. Typical destinations include Fortune 500 companies and major consulting firms. However, those with an entrepreneurial flair often choose to get involved with centers for innovation and dynamic young startups. 

Aside from giving students an opportunity to use the skills they have acquired during their first year of the MBA, these experiences often symbolize a foot in the door to future jobs. In the job search, their internship know-how is compounded by the impressive Scheller MBA ranking, hitting #62 worldwide in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021

A customizable curriculum

MBA students at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business consistently point to the customizable aspect of the curriculum as one of its stand-out advantages. Beginning with formats, students can choose the full-time MBA, or mold their studies around their job with an evening or weekend format. 

In terms of curriculum, on top of the tech-focused core courses, participants can choose from a variety of electives. This allows them to pursue an MBA that supports their career objectives. Elective options cover accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, business analytics, leadership, information technology management, law, international business, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, sustainability, real estate strategic management, and leading innovation.

For those wanting to bridge the gap between business and technology, there are also dual degree options available. Students can combine the MBA with engineering, computing, and design masters courses, as well as PhD programs delivered by Georgia Tech. 

Liz, a current MBA student, loves the tech-focused aspect of the course. She says, “I love that practical preparedness aspect of a tech education. It’s not just theory, it’s real actionable information.” (00:24

Scheller MBA class profile

By joining a Scheller cohort, students mix with a diverse and talented pool of students to foster a learning environment with a wide range of perspectives. There is an average of over five years of work experience among students, coming from industries such as tech, manufacturing, consulting, education, and financial services. 

Of the 76 students in the class of 2024, 24% are women, 26% international, and 21% are from underrepresented minority groups. The diversity of profiles in the class help to open the eyes of every student to the realities of others. This not only helps graduates spot new business endeavors after graduation, but an increased awareness makes ethical business practices more likely.

On a personal level, these small classes create a close-knit community among students, but also with the professors. As a result, Scheller MBA graduates find it easy to reach out to their network years down the line. 

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business admissions process

Although there is only one intake per year in the fall, Scheller offers four application deadlines throughout the year so you can apply at a time that suits you. The Scheller MBA admission process is made up of two key aspects: 

  • A complete program application 
  • An admissions interview

The online application requires three essays, a resume, educational transcripts, letters of recommendation, and GMAT or GRE scores. The three essays cover reasons for pursuing an MBA at Scheller, your short and long-term goals, and an optional essay looking at unique aspects you can contribute to the cohort or any perceived weaknesses you may have. Similarly, the school requests ten facts about yourself in order to help unite the cohort as soon as possible.

By invitation only, the Scheller admissions interview is a chance for the school to get to know you as a person. Happy with your hard skills, the interview is an opportunity to discuss your contributions to the classroom and aspirations through the program and beyond.

To summarize the experience, Georgia Tech Scheller MBA student Daniel leaves us with the effect it has had on him: “One of the unique things about going to a technical program like Georgia Tech is that your advancement for knowledge is exponentially greater. In two years here, you will become an expert in many of the new innovation fields that are happening, just from the myriad choices in the curriculum that you see on a daily basis.” (00:00)

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