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Bologna Business School

Region: Europe

Country: Italy

City: Bologna

ABOUT Bologna Business School

Located in Villa Guastavillani, a splendid 16th century residence located in the heart of Italy, BBS is the Business School of the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the Western world. 

At Bologna Business School we have deep roots locally. It is these roots which provide the nourishment and energy that set us apart and allow us to measure up to thought, technology and business leaders. We have the privilege of Bologna as our point of departure and the responsibility to demonstrate to the world our unique expertise.

At Bologna Business School we support and promote personal and professional development that is autonomous, responsible and flexible. We encourage curiosity and the ability to adapt, we favor the creation of open and effective interpersonal networks and promote leadership that is courageous and inspiring.

At Bologna Business School we are forward looking and provide cutting-edge, yet accessible, services. We don’t walk away from challenges, and always seek to innovate in order to grow and strengthen our community of students, alumni, faculty, business networks and international partner universities.