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Region: Americas

Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City

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ABOUT IPADE Business School

IPADE Business School was founded in 1967 by a group of prominent businessmen with the aim of developing future leaders with the ability to drive social and economic growth, rooted in personal integrity, social responsibility and global vision.

IPADE Business School was founded in 1967. Our 11 academic departments engage in the education of participants from the different IPADE Programs. Over 37,000 students have graduated from IPADE’s classrooms It is a select group of businesspeople from different sectors, with diverse interests, that share IPADE as a nodal point; for IPADE its graduates constitute the most important value.

IPADE has had an outstanding presence in different international and domestic rankings, published by Financial Times, Forbes and CNN Expansion which consider and assess the best business schools and their programs.

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Ask a student

Do you have a question for one of
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