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Region: Africa

Country: Rwanda, Mauritius

City: Kigali, Mauritius


ALU School of Business

ALU School of Business is at the heart of a new generation of business schools that are spearheading the economic boom in Africa. The school was established in Rwanda in 2016 with a focus on promoting pan-African economic development by producing business leaders with the skills and knowledge to transform a continent. The lofty ambitions of the school are already attracting attention from Africa and beyond. Whilst most business school grads will come away from the experience with an expanded set of business fundamentals, a phonebook full of new contacts and a world of job opportunities at their feet, very few will have the chance to make a pivotal contribution to the fortunes of an entire continent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the MBA program structured?

ALUSB’s 20-month MBA programme uses technology to leapfrog traditional MBA learning models. Rather than a residential program that takes students out of the workforce for as much as two years and emphasizes theoretical approaches, the ALUSB MBA uses a cutting-edge ‘flipped’ educational model that emphasizes student-centered, participatory learning based on real-world issues. Instead of simply memorizing frameworks and formulae, ALUSB MBA students will gain key problem-solving, strategic-thinking, communication, and leadership skills—as well as a peer network drawn from countries across the continent.

What are the admission requirements?

Applicants will generally have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning and have demonstrated high academic achievement in their programme. In addition, applicants should have a minimum of five years work experience and preferably some management experience.

How does the ideal MBA candidate look like?

Candidates are generally expected to have 6 to 10 years of work experience and are ideally looking to propel themselves into high impact careers by rapidly becoming senior leaders within their organization. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate a passion for doing business across the African continent and must have a strong desire to develop a global perspective.

Do I need reference letters to apply to the ALU MBA?

Yes. You will need 2 reference letters from people who can give an accurate, detailed description of your work experience, character and leadership abilities. One of the letters must come from your supervisor at your current or former place of work. The second letter can come from a supervisor or a colleague.

Do I need to take the GMAT or GRE?

Simply, no, we do not require that you take the GMAT or GRE exams before applying.

What is the tuition fee?

The ALUSB MBA costs $15,000 per-year ($30,000 total), which includes tuition fees for online courses and costs of all in-person workshops. Travel and accommodation costs during in-person workshops are not included in this figure.

Does ALU offer financial aid?

We understand that every student’s financial situation is different, and we are committed to working with every admitted student to try to organize available sources of financing in a way that makes it possible for them to attend the ALUSB MBA.

What is the language of instruction at ALU?

All courses are offered in English.

Is ALU SB accredited?

The ALUSB MBA is awarded by ALU Rwanda and is accredited by Rwanda’s Higher Education Council.

Which universities appear on the final certificate?

The MBA degree will be awarded by the African Leadership University School of Business (ALUSB), which is the school that will appear on the degree certificate. While ALUSB is collaborating with other institutions to deliver a number of the online courses in the ALU MBA programme, the bulk of the degree will be designed and delivered by ALUSB, consistent with our commitment to creating a degree that is as relevant as possible to African business leaders. As such, while the ALU MBA will provide alumni status at ALU and access to a number of ALU-related networks (ALU alumni; the African Leadership Network), the MBA degree will not confer special status (alumni or other) at the other institutions.


ALU is one of the youngest business schools in the world having been founded as recently as 2016


ALU has a faculty that includes one of Forbes’ top ten young ‘power men’ in Africa (Fred Swaniker), the former minister of finance for Rwanda (Donald Kaberuka) and an array of guest lecturers from prominent African companies


Campus in Kigali and Mauritius


Unusually for an MBA the most recent intake was predominantly female (59%) with 14 countries represented. Students had an average of 11 years’ work experience


ALU graduates are primed with the core business and leadership skills to become entrepreneurs, executives or CEOs at leading African businesses