5 things you need to know about the Solvay Executive MBA

The Solvay Lifelong Learning of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management has a lot to offer any learner who’s interested in undertaking an Executive MBA program. Not only is it condensed into an 18-month period with a flexible schedule that’s perfect for any working professional, but it also provides small classes, exceptional faculty members, and experiences that are tailored to your needs and career goals. Bruno Van Pottelsberghe is the Academic Director of the Executive MBA program. If you’re considering studying at the Solvay Brussels School, here are the top five things you should know about their programs.

In short

1. A truly international community

When the Solvay Brussels School says they have an international community, they really mean it. Their study body is composed of 44% international students, the institution has over 130 international partners, and “about 20 nationalities in the [Executive MBA] classroom every year.” (00:33)

The international atmosphere doesn’t end with the lifelong learners at the Solvay Brussels School either. Bruno says, “the faculty comes from all over the world, and the staff is international as well. [They are] truly international in terms of culture and [representation].” (00:36)

2. The prioritization of diversity

The Solvay Brussels School is very passionate about diversity. They’re proud to secure “gender equality…[multiculturalism], but as well, a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, and expertise,” Bruno says. (00:54)

Indeed, you won’t find classes composed of participants with the exact same experience levels or coming from the same industries. Instead, you’ll “learn from lawyers, you’ll learn from engineers, scientists…This is what makes the learning experience different,” Bruno states. (01:07)

This kind of professional diversity is key as it allows students to really learn from each other and be exposed to new perspectives that they wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. 

3. Experiential learning

At the Solvay Brussels School, you won’t be stuck learning things out of a textbook. The Executive MBA program is designed so that learners can lifelong-learn-by-doing.

As Bruno puts it, “These are real experiences, which enrich your learning and transformational journey.” (01:32)

A few of the experiential learning opportunities available to students include “international business field projects, sustainability projects, international study trips either in Silicon Valley or IPADE in Mexico.” (01:22)

4. The focus is on you

When completing your Executive MBA at the Solvay Brussels School, you can rest assured that your studies will be tailored to your specific needs. The program focuses on career advancement for each and every individual student.

“It’s a career advancement program,” Bruno elaborates. “We start by understanding what you want and [what your objectives are], and we help you [achieve those] objectives.” (01:44)

Even after you graduate, the Solvay Brussels School will help you achieve your professional goals with its passion for lifelong learning and international network of 25,000 alumni.

5. An ideal balance between personal and professional life

Last but not least, the Executive MBA program is perfect for working professionals that need their studies to fit in with their existing personal and professional commitments. Indeed, most students are well-established in their careers with an average age of 33, as well as eight years of work experience

The program is delivered in a condensed, flexible format that’s easy for anyone to fit into their schedule. Bruno explains, “You come to class for a long weekend every three weeks, and [continue with] this for 18 months.” (02:00)

Basically, if you’ve ever looked for an MBA program that fits into your life seamlessly, this is the one for you. 

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