5 things you need to know about the Vlerick Business School MBA

Vlerick Business School was founded in 1953, making it the oldest in Europe. Koen Dewettinck, Director of MBA Programs, reveals five more things you need to know about this diverse school located in the heart of Europe: Brussels, Belgium.

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5 facts about the Vlerick Business School MBA

Vlerick’s location in Brussels, the home of the European Union and heart of European business, means there are plenty of opportunities for students to apply skills gained in the classroom to real-life situations – and the Vlerick Business School MBA is geared towards doing just that.

1. It’s all about practical learning

“Our faculty members have one leg in academia but an even bigger one in practice, so there will be lots of opportunities to really apply knowledge,” Koen says. “[There are also] role plays, in-company projects, simulations, games, tools…all kinds of opportunities to apply what you’ve been learning.” (00:23)

2. It’s adapted to the learning needs of each individual

Vlerick’s MBA programs are customizable both in terms of content and the method of learning. Students can choose from a range of electives based on the areas that interest them as well as their career goals. 

Alongside the full-time MBA, students can do a part-time Executive MBA or an Online MBA. The Online MBA allows you to study from anywhere in the world and at your own pace – it can be completed in as little as one year and in a maximum of five.

3. There is personalized support for each student before, during, and after the program

Vlerick offers personalized support before, during, and after your MBA. Before you start, this includes help with things like financing your program, applying for a visa, and finding accommodation.

During your program, you’ll have access to Vlerick’s career support team. They can help you with practical things like interview tips, improving your LinkedIn profile, and one-on-one career counseling. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend careers fairs, partake in company visits, join networking events and listen to expert speakers.

The careers team at Vlerick can also advise you on post-graduation visa options (if you want to stay in Belgium) and prepare you for job interviews.

4. It’s all about trial and error

Vlerick believes that learning is a process of trial and error. You’re encouraged to learn from your mistakes and come out of the process a better person. Learning is a dynamic, ongoing process, and taking action is an important part of the Vlerick DNA.

Since their MBA programs are highly practical, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new things in the classroom and apply them in real-life situations almost immediately.

5. You’ll be joining an extremely diverse class

62% of Brussels residents are foreign-born, making it the most diverse city in Europe and the second-most in the world. That diversity is reflected at Vlerick, whose MBA class is 80% international.

“An MBA experience at Vlerick Business School is [like] the world coming to you,” says Koen. [You will be] learning in a very diverse group – learning, sharing, challenging, and supporting each other.” (01:32)

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