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Öykü Borghetti is a Turkish student who’s currently studying a part-time MBA at the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland. Find out why she feels that an MBA was a great way to invest in herself and develop her leadership skills, despite the struggles associated with starting one during a global pandemic.

In short

Invest in yourself both personally and professionally

Doing an MBA is a true investment in yourself, both personally and professionally. Öykü describes how even though she leads a busy lifestyle balancing work, studies, and her social life, she feels that her MBA is a highly worthwhile undertaking.

“It’s really an investment,” she says. “You learn a lot…Each day, we challenge each other. In the group assignments, in class…We’re not just seeing each other in the classroom, but we’re also talking to each other outside of the classroom, we’re having different kinds of studies together. I have to admit that it’s extremely useful. Even after a few months, I’m just looking forward to the rest of the program.” (06:34)

The MBA program at the University of St.Gallen even has specific classes for both team development and personal development. Öykü explains how these classes have given her a different perspective on business and in her own professional life. 

“I see different kinds of dynamics in business at the moment. I see why things are happening…Step-by-step, the more you use the knowledge that you obtain in class…it’s [really changes] you. You’re not the same person you were when you started the MBA,” she reflects. (08:15)

Doing an MBA during a global pandemic

Any student would be concerned about starting an MBA during a global pandemic. Öykü explains that she was impressed with the University of St.Gallen’s ability to adapt and still allow her cohort to meet and study in person in accordance with the restrictions.

“I have to say that the University of St.Gallen made it possible for us to be able to be there,” she says. (04:32)

For most of the school year, MBA students at St.Gallen were still able to study in person. However, during the latter part of the year, they started studying online. Öykü explains how the university did a great job of adapting their last module into an online format, even though the students would have preferred to study in a classroom environment.

“I can say that the last module was extremely interesting,” she tells us. “It was [about] personal and professional development…But of course, as students, we would have preferred to be in class.” (10:10)

A job that supports you doing an MBA is everything

Öykü is working in the energy sector while she works on completing her MBA. She’s thankful that her company was so supportive of her investing in additional studies. First of all, they helped her manage her time so she could work and study at the same time.

“In my case, my company supported me also for the days that I’m off while I’m in St.Gallen. So, I think I’m one of the luckiest MBA candidates that my company’s fully supporting me on this adventure,” she expresses. (13:56)

Join the St.Gallen family

One of the most impressive things about the University of St.Gallen is its community. It’s made up of experienced, dynamic individuals that come together to provide an ideal environment for learning. 

“The St.Gallen family is very experienced. To be honest, I realized this when I first had my interview with the talent acquisition professionals,” Öykü says. “You really realize that they are extremely experienced. They know what they’re doing and they can [accurately] judge you based on a first impression I would say.” (15:12)

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