From a tech expert to an all-round business professional

Eugenio Galvan Guzman was working as a project engineer in his native Mexico, very involved in the operations and technical side of things. Trained as a mechanical engineer, he enjoyed his job, all the physics and engineering, but he felt a little bit stuck.

In short

Eugenio Galvan Guzman (Mexico) – Nyenrode Business University

“The projects were kind of cold. As engineers, we tend to only focus on results and I was lacking the human and administrative part of business”

Solid reason for him to enroll in an MBA to complement his technical experience with more business acumen and a change in mindset. We asked him to share more about his MBA journey.

How did you choose your MBA?

It was an interesting process. When I started looking for options, I was lucky to be able to speak to people from Nyenrode Business University directly – they were in my hometown for a couple of days doing interviews and explaining the program. Being directly in contact with them was one of the main sparks of me pursuing the MBA. I did see other options but in the end the Netherlands offered me better development and network. Nyenrode also made the process very simple.

Can you tell us about one course that stood out during your program?

Meet the CEO -this course is mentioned in the brochure but it is so much more than you can imagine. You get to meet CEOs from different types of industries and you get to pitch an idea or a new revenue stream or something that picks their brains to them. I have participated in two of these courses and it is an interesting journey because you have to come up with something that the CEOs have not heard of which is very hard. You get exposed to every single part of the business. You do not focus only on a specific operation or task but engage in brain storming and you can make things happen. These courses have provided me with some of the main take-aways of my MBA.

What is the Nyenrode community like?

It is very interesting to see what the professors bring to the discussions in class and how everybody from different countries have different opinions, or sometimes the same opinions. Comparing these different backgrounds will help us in future to understand how culture impacts things. The professors always enhance and facilitate the discussions between topics and cultures.

From my application stage, the staff has always been very helpful and made me feel comfortable. They gave me the sense that I am not just a number. Their support for all logistics like housing, visa, application etc. has always been there and while on the program you can approach them with any questions or concerns or comments you might have.

We have the biz lounge – a little cafeteria where you can meet people and have the extra value of not just having classes together but getting to talk to people and hearing different point of views. There is also an incubator which have some startups that you can talk to and in the end, you get a lot of practical and theoretical help. You build friendships and community and that is what it is all about.

How do you view the financial investment of your MBA?

The financial investment needed for this type of education is obviously a big investment. There are ways to bring down the cost – you just have to be prepared and conscious and explore the different funding opportunities there are. For me, I was looking for something not super high in cost that would be beneficial for me in the long run. I really needed what this education gives me as quick as possible. I did not want to lose a lot of time out of work, so with this MBA I will get what I want within one year. The investment is completely worth it:  I feel like I am already getting my money back through the experience and development on the program and on top of that I get exposed to the job market in the Netherlands which is what I am looking for. My plan is to stay here.

What is your advice to other Nyenrode applicants?

I personally think you should apply to the Nyenrode MBA if you are looking for ways to get into the European job market. Doors open for you to be in the Netherlands and to understand the Dutch business practices and be connected to the whole of Europe. And, obviously, to gain the academic and practical knowledge through the MBA. I have absolutely no regrets. Despite the Covid-19 situation, the Nyenrode MBA has been a very rich experience from an academic, professional and personal perspective. I feel much more prepared to work in different types of industries and am excited about what is coming next.

Getting an all-round business perspective that will see his technical skills complemented with a business base, managerial mindset and the all-important human touch is what Eugenio was after when embarking on the Nyenrode MBA. Judging by our conversation, he gained exactly that.

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