Get the best of both worlds in this blended part-time MBA

With a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, Amr Hegazi is currently a Software Development Engineer at automotive company Vector Informatik. He decided to join the Part-time MBA program at ESMT Berlin to gain the skills he needs to succeed in today’s digital age. In an interview with MBAGRADSCHOOLS, Amr shared how he got best of both worlds with this blended format in ESMT Berlin’s Part-time MBA program. His managers are already noticing a change in him, and he has some key advice for prospective students.

In short

You don't need to quit your job to pursue an MBA

As a software engineer at automotive company Vector Informatik, Amr didn’t want to quit his job in order to pursue an MBA. He opted for a part-time MBA, so he could combine his studies while continuing with his full-time job.

“I’m doing a part-time MBA because I really enjoy my job,” Amr tells us. “I don’t want to quit it while I’m [still] improving a lot. For me, doing an MBA and at the same time working – this is the thing that everybody could wish to have.” (00:34)

When it comes to his choice to study at ESMT Berlin, Amr says he was looking for a “good quality” program in Berlin. What better school to choose than the #1 business school in Germany

Amr was also attracted to the blended format of ESMT Berlin’s Part-time MBA program, allowing him to study online with ultimate flexibility. “Because I live in Stuttgart, going from Stuttgart to Berlin [would be] really hard to do on a weekly basis,” Amr explains.” (02:11)

Using technology to create a powerful learning experience

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure [about the blended format] before starting the program,” Amr admits. “I thought maybe it will not be optimum. But at ESMT, it was completely different.” (03:34)

By setting up its tech in an effective way, students were still able to interact with their professors and each other. Amr also enjoyed using the program’s online learning platform, where students were encouraged to further interact and communicate with one another.

As Amr puts it, “Everything was really smooth.” (04:11) He also credits the program managers, who were always available and eager to help students with any difficulties they encountered, ensuring a quality learning experience for all.

Because of this, Amr was able to open his world to new perspectives and learnings.

“I would say the experience is amazing,” Amr gushes. “Dealing with people from different backgrounds is completely different than what you expect. I thought as a software engineer [that] we are somehow too specific [and we are not very flexible, but] I saw that there are a lot of different answers. That’s the main thing I learned. You will learn a lot from others and you will learn that there are different cultures, different people, different ways of thinking, and different backgrounds.” (02:18)

Not your classic MBA

ESMT’s seamless blended learning experience allowed Amr to dive deep into the program’s content, which includes courses on customer centricity, entrepreneurial strategy, innovation, digital business, and agility.

With a unique focus on business innovation, Amr says, “It’s not a classic MBA.” (05:58)

Instead, ESMT’s Part-time MBA program “deals more with the digital age,” Amr explains. “This is really important for me and it was actually one of my criteria because I really want to know how to use data. What does digital marketing look like? This is completely different than just knowing the basics of marketing, for example.” (06:06)

The program’s cutting-edge, digital-focused curriculum also allowed Amr to immediately put his learnings into practice. “That changed the opinions of my managers a lot because I’m proving everything with evidence,” Amr tells us. “That’s what my managers also like. They felt the change and I feel the change in myself and I see myself after finishing my MBA, I think I will have a completely different perspective about many things.” (08:28)

Amr’s #1 piece of advice: Focus on improving yourself

In a part-time MBA where you have to balance work, studying, and your personal life, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of the bigger picture.

For Amr, “the main thing is to follow your passion and your motivation…It will not be that easy, but if you have a goal behind it, if you want to achieve something, if you want to see yourself different in two years, then this hard time will pass and you will change.” (09:30)

To make sure that you continue to learn and improve, Amr also emphasizes, “Don’t focus on grades…The main thing is to learn the concept and to improve yourself. So just focus more on yourself.” (10:14)

At the end of the day, this is your learning journey. If you are like Amr and you want to improve your skills and apply them to your existing role, then this part-time blended MBA might be the best fit for you. It can give you the power to define your own learning style and reach your personal and professional goals.

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