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Ian Brake is an American student who was looking for a practical, hands-on Master’s Degree that would allow him to immediately apply his studies to his professional career. Discover how he found just that in the part-time Global MBA program at Alliance Manchester Business School.

In short

Ian Brake (USA) – Global Part-time MBA at Alliance Manchester Business School

Experience transformative workshops

Students get to take part in an array of transformative workshops within the Alliance Manchester Business School Global Part-time MBA program. Ian explains how they help students deepen and expand upon the knowledge they gain in the classroom environment: “You’ve already done the pre-work. You’ve already read a textbook. And you come to the workshop and it just expands that.” (00:11)

Industry professionals also take part in the program’s workshops, which ground the topics in a real-life working context. “You’re able to work with people who are industry professionals, who really understand what’s going on,” Ian explains. “They take that textbook base and they build on that into something that goes so much farther.” (00:17)

Overall, the Global Part-time MBA workshops are one of the most valuable parts of the program. “The workshops for me are the most critical part of the program, because you’re getting the ‘so what’ that goes behind what you just read in a textbook,” Ian says. (00:30

Immediately apply your studies to your career

Alliance Manchester’s Global Part-time MBA program is a great choice for any student who wants a master’s degree that will allow them to immediately apply their studies to their career. “When I came to the university, I was looking for something that I could immediately apply back to my career. And by coming here, I found just that,” Ian confirms. (00:45

Ian explains that if students come into the MBA program with the right mindset, they’ll be on track to returning to their working life with valuable new insights

“As the top tip, I would just come with an open mind. I would come really prepared to learn and have something that does transform you, and something that you can take immediately back into work.” (01:02)

Successfully balance work and study

Although balancing working with studies can be challenging, Alliance Manchester Business School provides students with a great framework that helps them stay on top of all their responsibilities. 

Ian explains, “The way that the courses are set up, you’re really able to pace yourself along the way. They’re laid out very nicely within Blackboard, so you can look ahead and you can work and ensure that you’re staying on top of things along with the appropriate timeline.” (02:25)

Overall, Ian found a way to balance his professional and academic lives: “Work and study is difficult, but it still is achievable as long as you have some discipline.” (02:20)

Network with experienced peers

The cohorts in Alliance Manchester’s Global Part-time MBA program are largely made up of more mature students with a high level of work experience. This allows for great community and networking opportunities. 

“The Global MBA program is kind of an older cohort,” Ian says. “It’s more seasoned: people who are already in business, people who already have some experience. And so, I find that extremely valuable because we’re always mixing.” (02:56)

Ian adds that the workshops are a great opportunity to get to know other students: “When you come together in these different workshops, you’re always working with different people. And there’s plenty of time and opportunities to be able to really get to know people, to be able to eat and dine and go out afterward, and those connections are invaluable.” (03:12)

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