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We had the pleasure of catching up with Maria Nemchinova to discuss her decision to study for an MBA at Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands. Maria is from the heart of Siberia in Russia, she made the decision to invest in her future and head to Amsterdam to join the Full-Time MBA September 2019 cohort at Nyenrode.

In short

Maria Nemchinova (Russia) – Nyenrode Business University

Maria carved a successful career in Higher Education for herself, however, she was looking for an intellectual challenge and wanted to level up in her profession. Maria decided to study an MBA, she realised to move ahead in her career she needed more business acumen and to broaden her network within her industry.

“I’m not from a privileged background, I was given the tool of education and that’s the only asset I had. The choice was to use it wisely and grow or don’t use it and stay at the same level!”

Maria opted to study in The Netherlands as it offers international students with the opportunity to stay in the country after graduation for 12 months. She also chose Amsterdam because of all the opportunities that the city holds, especially networking events!

Networking was Maria’s biggest take away from the MBA experience. Nyenrode has a strong alumni network so you’ll still feel connected to the university and your peers even after graduation. She expanded her corporate network with businesses that are tightly connected to Nyenrode, these global companies participated as guest speakers to inspire the MBA students on how to progress in their careers. The students had the opportunity to meet and network with the CEOs of companies such as Nestle, Phillips, Siemens, Vodafone – just to name a few!

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