How the post-graduation orientation year allows MBA students to find a job in the Netherlands

Vittoria Wu is a Taiwanese student who’s currently enrolled in the Nyenrode Business School’s full-time MBA program. She has an impressive marketing and retail background and decided to go back to school a couple of years ago to expand her future career opportunities. She told us about the Netherlands’ post-graduation orientation year, as well as why she chose Nyenrode for her MBA and her general experience with Dutch culture.

In short

Stay in the Netherlands after graduation with their orientation year

The Netherlands is quickly establishing itself as one of the top destinations out there for international students. One of the driving forces is the accommodations they make for international students to stay in the country after graduation.

In the United States, international students have to find a job within three months of graduating in order to stay there and work. The United Kingdom has similar constraints.

In the Netherlands, international students are given a full orientation year after graduation where they can stay in the country and search for the perfect job or start their own business. 

Vittoria feels that this is very beneficial because of how long the job search process often takes in Europe. “I know for big companies in Europe, the interview period can be very long, like two or three months. So, I think [with a] year orientation you can try to reach more companies and figure out what you really want,” she explains. (05:44)

Vittoria also feels that life in the Netherlands has a lot to offer international students in general. She says, “They provide a very good environment, English is not a problem, and when I arrived I felt like I fit in immediately.” (02:34)

Some of the other reasons why international students are flocking to the Netherlands include a wide range of English academic programs, plentiful scholarship opportunities, relatively low tuition fees and living costs, a big international community, and fantastic career possibilities. 

Why Vittoria chose Nyenrode for her MBA

One of the biggest reasons why Vittoria wanted to do her MBA at Nyenrode Business University was because of the campus’ ideal location in Amsterdam. It’s a bustling capital city, which means it has lots of resources and is a great place to study business.

Vittoria found out about the Nyenrode MBA when the school’s program managers traveled to Taiwan to deliver informative seminars. After attending one, she got the impression that Nyenrode really cared about their students and was invested in their futures.

“I’m very happy that I chose this school because from the first day I came to the Nyenrode campus, I knew that I made a very good decision,” she tells us. (04:08)

Vittoria’s experience with Dutch culture

One of Vittoria’s favorite things about Dutch culture is how straightforward and direct the people are. Even though she found it surprising at first, she now appreciates it and even finds it useful. 

“I like to ask my Dutch classmates [what] they think about my projects or assignments because they [give me] a very direct and also very truthful comment,” she explains. (08:43)

One of the biggest culture shocks Vittoria has experienced since living in the Netherlands is their food. She admits that it’s very different from the food in her home country because they eat a lot of cold dishes despite the cold weather.

“I remember the first months here, a lot of international students were losing weight because the food is a little challenging for us. It’s always cold! It’s not like the food in our own country,” she explains. (09:27)

All in all, Vittoria has had a very positive experience settling into life in Amsterdam as an international student and expresses that her peers feel similarly. There’s no wonder that there are nearly 80,000 international students currently studying in the Netherlands!

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