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Erasmus University was founded in the port city of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) back in 1913 and hasn’t stopped growing since then. Nowadays the school has an alumni network of over 40,000 spread across 40 countries and a current student population of 9,500, most of whom are located at its Campus Woudestein. In line with its reputation as a forward-thinking institution, the campus is energy efficient, powered by renewable energy with smart lighting and smart heating monitors fitted throughout. It is set amidst the cosmopolitan city of Rotterdam: one of the most diverse cities in the Netherlands that is as creative and hip as it is business-focused and entrepreneurial.

There are many reasons why the Rotterdam School of Management attracts so much international talent to its range of MBA programs. The Dutch have the highest proficiency levels of non-native English in the world (according to the EF English Proficiency Index) and upon graduating, non-EU alumni can apply to remain in the Netherlands through a one-year job search visa or a three-year business startup visa. That window of opportunity to kickstart your career is especially useful given the school’s historical links with international companies, which come in the form of direct recruitment as well as study projects and tailored programs that reflect the needs of the business community.

Traditional business education had to evolve and so did the RSM MBA. Human factors rather than big titles and huge salaries have become increasingly important. MBA graduates are also seeking non-traditional career paths, connecting passion with purpose, which is why the RSM MBA offers you an MBA of real value.

The International Full-Time MBA takes place over the course of 12 months with a focus on using the diverse makeup of the class (40+ nationalities) to foster creative new approaches to problem-solving in business. They also offer a 18-month part-time Executive MBA tailored for working executives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have the right to work in he Netherlands after doing an MBA at RSM?

Completing your MBA at RSM entitles you to a one-year search visa for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. You can activate this until three years after graduation.

Does RSM help me find an appartment, when I join the Full-time program?

Yes, RSM has a number of dedicated apartments for our students and we will help to set you up as best as we can. They have a limited number of apartments, so the earlier you apply, the better chance your chance of getting one.

When do the MBA programs start?

The Full-time MBA and Executive MBA programs start in January. Global Executive MBA kicks off in September.

What is the class size?

The Full-time MBA has a class of 150 students, EMBA around 110 and the RSM cohort of the Global Executive MBA 40.

My age is substantially higher than the average of 29 years of your Full-time students. Is this the right program for me?

It all depends. For RSM age is just number. Our question in return would be, why now a full-time MBA program and not a part-time Executive MBA instead?
But rest assured that a considerable percentage of our FT MBA is over 30 years of age.

I do not have an education in business or experience in business. Should I apply?

Yes, definitely. RSM strives for total diversity in their class rooms. Not having a business background does not mean you have nothing to contribute, most likely it is even the opposite. They would be happy to speak with you personally about your individual situation.

What are the application deadlines? And how long before I hear from you after applying?

This year, the admissions rounds will be in the months of February, April, June, August, October and November. When you apply in time, your application will be evaluated and if you are invited for an interview, it will happen within two weeks of the round closing date.

Can I still apply after the November deadline?

Yes, it is possible. However, only until the deadline they can treat every application equally. Also keep in mind that a potential student visa can no longer be guaranteed after this date.

Does RSM provide scholarships?

Yes. If you are admitted to the MBA program, you are automatically considered for a scholarship based on merit, diversity or financial needs. Please be aware RSM does not provide full scholarships.

How internationally diverse are the RSM MBA programs?

The current Full-time class is 99% international, with students from 40 countries. The Executive MBA class is 60% international.


Erasmus University was founded in 1913


Triple-accredited and home to the first Nobel Prize winner in economic sciences, Jan Tinbergen


The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world, according to the 2018 Global Peace index and belongs to the top 10 happiest countries in the world


There are 450 MBA students among a total student population of 9,500+ comprising 80+ nationalities


88% of recent MBA graduates had accepted a job offer within 3 months of graduation