Roxie Overaker (USA) – ESMT Berlin MBA


In a new podcast series from The Modern MBA, in collaboration with MBAGRADSCHOOLS, current & former MBA candidates explain how they are making the transition from typically unorthodox sectors into business. The interviewee this episode is Roxie Overaker, a current MBA student at ESMT Berlin whose interest in the degree was ignited by working at a business school and seeing the ‘amazing things’ that the MBA students were doing there.

Whilst Roxie’s main motivation for studying an MBA was gaining technical skills as well as the knowledge to start her own business, there’s no doubt that the multicultural nature of the ESMT Berlin MBA (94% international students) was also a key factor. “I needed to be surrounded by classmates who were coming from very diverse backgrounds” she tells the podcast. “Not just in terms of nationality but in terms of industry and background.”

Working at a business school is very different to studying at a business school, but Roxie found that some skills crossed over into her program. “Before coming into the program I had really developed my soft skills – communication and teamwork were things that I excelled at. I had [also] managed a team for quite some time before coming here.” Whether organising teams or managing ideas, Roxie has subconsciously been using the skills she acquired from her career on a daily basis during the MBA.

As an MBA student from an unorthodox sector, Roxie also admitted to feelings of ‘impostor syndrome’ in the early stages of the program. In the podcast she explains how she overcame it as well as discussing her plans for the future, what to take into account when choosing an MBA and how it’s possible to make the jump into the higher education sector.