An MBA at IUM helped this student land a top job at TikTok

Cole Rosson is an MBA student at the International University of Monaco. We spoke to him about his experience at IUM, what it’s like to study in Monaco (cue the helicopter rides!), and how getting his MBA at IUM helped him land a top job as Brand Partnerships Manager at TikTok.

In short

Cole Rosson (United States) – International University of Monaco

Landing a job at TikTok

Studying in Monaco turned out to be one of the very things recruiters asked Cole in one of his interviews at TikTok.

Because of IUM’s focus on luxury branding, Cole found himself with a major advantage: “IUM has a really strong background of instilling ideas of luxury branding, and a lot of that has to do with how you manage supply and demand, how you really are ensuring that you maintain scarcity, how you look into the details of that, so bringing that into play during my interview at TikTok actually played incredibly to my benefit, probably more than almost any school could’ve done in that particular instance, which is wild – in a way it worked out perfectly.” (9:14)

The unique appeal of Monaco to recruiters

“Like any country right now, the United States is quite a competitive job market,” Cole explains. “Given my background, having a unique school like IUM on my resume really differentiates me from other candidates that have gone to domestic programs here in the United States or even some people from international programs.” (4:18)

While Monaco is a small place (certainly compared to Cole’s native United States), “it is certainly a unique place as the principality goes,” Cole says. “The experiences that you have there and the lifestyle around it is really fascinating. It’s genuinely a different kind of MBA than a lot of the traditional MBAs, and frankly, a recruiter from any major corporation – be it an Amazon or Microsoft or TikTok – or a small startup or an entrepreneurial firm, that’s really going to get their gears spinning and that’s certainly going to get their attention one way or the other, almost to the extent that your Wharton or your Harvard would in a different way, but certainly something to have a conversation about, and it certainly opens the door up to you as the candidate being able to discuss your experience and discuss the value you would bring to that company.” (4:45)

The Monaco experience

In true Monaco fashion, students can make use of a very unique mode of transportation: helicopters.

Cole tells us: “Something that Monaco doesn’t always speak about is the local helicopter charter company…helps subsidize some of the transport for students, so it’s a slight discount. My mode of transportation from Nice to Monaco is a six-minute helicopter ride. You literally cannot beat arriving to Monaco via helicopter. It’s truly mind-blowing, and you feel like a complete badass.” (11:14)

Besides luxurious helicopter rides, Monaco also has the unique quality of serving as the literal campus for its students. As Cole puts it, “Monaco is the campus. There is a nightlife aspect to Monaco but there’s also the culture. In Monaco, it is laid-back in a way – you are in the South of France, you’re in the French Riviera. So, while students and professors and professionals are working very diligently, there’s also a certain play aspect to it as well of a relaxation – you know, long lunches, relaxing periods. Coming from New York City, especially, it always feels a bit like a breather to me that when I get put into that environment, I truly can relax into my studies and I can totally disconnect in a way that helps me to connect directly into the work that I’m doing here. It’s a pretty magical place.” (12:42)

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