5 things you need to know about the Executive MBA programs at ESSEC

Ranked #5 worldwide for executive education in 2020, the ESSEC MBA programs are designed to develop a 360° vision of the organization and to reveal one’s leadership through international residences, group projects, and workshops within a unique learning experience that relies on a strong cohesive philosophy. Thierry Graeff is the Head of International Recruitment and Admissions at ESSEC Business School in Cergy, France. He shares the five most important things to know if you’re thinking about starting the Executive MBA program at ESSEC.

In short

1. Reflect and plan before you begin your MBA program

Many people pursue MBA programs because of the well-documented positive effects they have on people’s career paths. Indeed, they’ve been shown to expand and diversify networks, accelerate professional growth, open doors to new opportunities, and hone dynamic skills that’ll be necessary in the near future.

In order to really use your MBA as a career booster, Thierry Graeff recommends that students “ask [themselves] how [they] project the next five years and what [their] future will be.” (00:25)

2. A unique social class project

Thierry stresses the importance of students finding an MBA program that’s a good fit for them. All MBA programs have different values and priorities that make them unique.

The Executive MBA program at ESSEC Business School has a unique Social Class Project that reflects their business ethics and social responsibility values. It’s run collectively by each class throughout the entire course of their program. It’s also designed to contribute to the betterment of society, encourage teamwork, and strengthen class spirit.

3. Learn from your peers

ESSEC Business School is passionate about creating an environment where students can learn from one another. Indeed, there is a collaborative approach to all classes and in some projects, like the Entrepreneurial Project or the Strategic Project, participants can directly apply skills developed during the program to a real business strategy. These projects are designed to encourage classmates to work and expand their skills together.

“You will learn within different groups in some projects, for instance, the MCT [or] multi-competency teams,” Thierry tells us. “You will [also] have the EP or the SP, [the] entrepreneurial project or strategic project, and of course, the social class project.” (00:57)

4. Over 25 different nationalities represented

Diversity is another value that’s important to ESSEC Business School. First of all, the Executive MBA students are extremely diverse, with more than 20 different nationalities represented. 

However, these students also have “a lot of diversity regarding the function, the field or sector [they work in]. For instance, you’ll have CEOs, CFOs, marketers, finance, etc.,” Thierry says. (01:21)

5. Don’t be afraid to get in touch

When applying for the Executive MBA program at ESSEC, you’ll go through an interview process. Thierry reminds prospective participants that if they’ve got more to say after their interview ends, they shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch.

“During [your] interview, if you don’t have enough time to answer your question, please do not hesitate to reach us,” he advises. (01:35)

If you need any additional information, ESSEC will also be happy to put you in touch with the right person to answer all your questions

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