A European business school that reflects global diversity

How can learning with a diverse class set you up for success? We hear from students and faculty at EU Business School to find out why it’s worth doing an MBA at one of the most international and diverse business schools in Europe.

In short

Why study an MBA at EU Business School?

When you start the MBA application process, it’s important to look beyond the MBA rankings and find a school that not only aligns with your career goals but also your personal values. Each school has its own set of principles that influence what they teach, how they teach, and who they teach. 

You may be interested in certain topics or in schools with strong environmental credentials, but if internationalism and diversity are things you value, then EU Business School is likely to feature high on your shortlist.

Home to 100+ nationalities, the average student or faculty member here speaks more than three languages, and the locations of its four campuses – in Barcelona, Munich, Montreux, and Geneva – reflect the diversity of Europe. According to Oliver Brenninkmeijer, Academic Dean at EU Business School, the school also offers solid post-MBA job prospects for alumni.

“EU Business School is located in countries and cities where the economy is dynamic, where employers are looking for new, young talented people,” he says. (01:03)

How a diverse class sets you up for success

It’s easy to reel off statistics about how diverse a school is, but not so easy to articulate why that’s so important for you and your career. Kate Bagby, Communication Lecturer at EU Business School, says that exposure to different cultures prepares EU alumni to work anywhere in the world.

“One of the biggest benefits that I see for students is the diversity,” she explains. “Not only are a lot of them living outside of their country, but within the classroom, they’re meeting people from all over the world and learning to work with people from all over the world.” (02:24)

Ipek Birol studied an MBA in Sports Management at EU Business School. She says that having such an international class was an invaluable way of expanding her professional network: “I think last term we had 16 or 17 different nationalities in our class. Besides getting the degree, the most valuable thing was having the best network possible, and EU Business School has this.” (02:44)

The flexibility to align with your career goals

Having a student body made up of such diverse backgrounds also means their requirements will be different. That’s why one of the most valuable benefits of EU Business School is the flexibility of its MBA programs. No matter what, where, or how you want to study, there is likely to be an option that suits you. 

“At EU Business School you can specialize in different areas that interest you. You can begin at different times in the year, [you can] choose between full-time and part-time as well as study online,” Oliver Brenninkmeijer confirms. (00:35)

Before pursuing an MBA it’s worth considering your career goals and how an MBA will help you achieve them. Choosing an MBA with a specialization in the industry that you’re hoping to break into can give you the edge in a competitive job market – which is why EU Business School offers such a range of specialized MBAs. From Blockchain Management to Communication & PR, there are a total of 11 majors that cover almost all facets of the modern business environment. 

With a diverse cohort, flexible study options, and campuses throughout the continent, EU Business School is a great place to start your search for an MBA in Europe.

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