3 ways an MBA expands your career opportunities

When it comes to your career, there are rarely any guarantees. But having an MBA is as close as you can get to one. Here are three ways an MBA can help grow your career.

In short

1. An MBA brings career opportunities through continuous learning

Sherri Tran always wants to keep learning and expand her career opportunities, even while working full-time as a Procurement Specialist at CSA Group. So, it’s only natural that she’d pursue an MBA part-time at Canada’s Schulich School of Business. For her, an MBA was a chance to develop her business knowledge among like-minded peers further.

“I decided to pursue an MBA because I am an avid advocate of continuous learning, whether it’s hands-on through experience or at an educational institution like pursuing an MBA,” Sherri tells MBAGRADSCHOOLS. “There’s always an opportunity to further develop your knowledge and skill set. And personally, I just love absorbing information.” (00:35)

An MBA will help your career growth for the simple reason that employers value it. Applicants holding an advanced degree stand out when they’re sifting through hundreds of applications for a role. This explains why Sherri’s employer is so supportive of her continued education. 

The numbers support this theory.  At Schulich, 89% of MBA graduates find employment within three months. Additionally, world-famous companies like Amazon, Deloitte, IBM, HSBC, Panasonic, and Uber all recruit on campus.

2. An MBA supports the desire to improve yourself

An MBA is another chance in your life to learn new things, leave your comfort zone, and better yourself. While an MBA gives you specialist business knowledge, it’s much more than a business degree. It will also help you develop soft skills such as communication, leadership, and confidence that shape your personality. In fact, Sherri’s interest in studying for an MBA was sparked by the qualities she saw in those who took the path to an MBA degree. “One of my key pushers was meeting this one MBA student who was so active … As an undergrad student, I was just blown away by how much of his presence was there,” she explains. (01:21) Once they were connected, Sherri discovered how he was applying his MBA in his life and the career opportunities his degree had opened for him. Then, after she started working, Sherri met others who had gotten their MBAs. Their experiences solidified the idea that it was the right fit for her as someone interested in continuously improving.  Sherri relates her drive to improve to her lifelong relationship with music. She plays three instruments – the piano, alto sax, and ukulele – and mastering these instruments has instilled in her a “constant need for growth and learning” that has been “ingrained in my mind every single day.” (04:51)

3. Take lessons from the MBA straight into your career

Sherri can study Schulich’s Accelerated MBA alongside her current job. Consequently, she applies the lessons from the MBA curriculum directly to her role in the real world. 

“I joined my current organization about two years ago,” she says. “Right before me, they had just transitioned to a new tech platform, so getting to see the change management aspect and how value is derived from a new system, I thought that taking a course that would actually help me really understand what’s happening would be really beneficial – and I wasn’t wrong.” (03:49)

She manages the corporate real estate portfolio in her current role, which made Schulich’s Real Estate & Infrastructure specialization an attractive choice. However, she plans to choose Digital Transformation because technology is growing in her industry and everywhere else. Which has been great for helping people stay connected and for creating new career opportunities. 

You’ll meet new people before, during, and after your MBA journey. You add one more node to your professional network whenever you meet a new contact. And you never know when that could benefit your future career path. Sherri plans to take full advantage of Schulich’s Global Alumni Network of over 34,000 people working in more than 90 countries. She reiterates the importance of building these connections early on. 

“The entire world is online now, so whether it’s building connections before, during, or after the program in your local area or even across the ocean, I think that can only help you. There’s no hindrance in building connections, and it can only expand your horizons.” (11:15)

Grow your network, grow your career.

Ultimately, the secret to career growth is simple. Keep learning, keep studying and keep pushing yourself. And if you’re still unsure whether to do an MBA, Sherri has straightforward advice.

“After you’ve done all your research – just go for it!” (10:34)

If you’re interested in studying an MBA, feel free to reach out to one of our MBA ambassadors.

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