From fashion executive in New York City to an MBA graduate at Miami Herbert Business School

In a new podcast series from The Modern MBA, current & former MBA candidates explain how they are making the transition from typically unorthodox MBA sectors such as the arts, healthcare and hospitality into business. In the latest podcast, Tamara Johnson talked through her experiences in transitioning from a career in fashion to the MBA program at Miami Herbert Business School.

In short

Tamara previously worked in the fashion industry as a technical designer, which is the person responsible for the size, fit and construction of each garment. Having studied fashion in her undergrad years she was already well-versed in the creative side of things, but was starting to become interested in the workings of the business as a whole. She elected to study an MBA in order to fully understand the business side of the fashion industry.

A common challenge facing those who come into an MBA from an unorthodox sector is their lack of experience in certain areas of business. In Tamara’s case, the modules in accounting and finance were particularly challenging, but it only led to her doubling up on her study time and more determined than ever to grasp concepts that had been alien to her not so long ago. Surprisingly, she also found that there were parts of the MBA that related back to her career in fashion; whether that be manufacturing, marketing or product development.

Now midway through her program, what are Tamara’s career plans post-MBA? Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out! The one thing to say is that her eyes have been opened to the possibilities that now lay ahead in her career – and there’s no doubt that it was her decision to study an MBA that opened these new career doors.

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