An online MBA and maintaining a work-life balance

Manuel Herrera lives a full life. He’s a father of two children under three, works as a Campus Master Planner for Ghafari Associates in the Detroit metropolitan area, and is doing his MBA online at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Learn how his online MBA experience allows him to balance learning, work, and family, and more about how the program is organized.

In short

How an online MBA helps Manuel balance learning, work, and family

For Manuel Herrera, flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to juggling learning, work, and family while completing his MBA online. 

He admits that he “balances school, work, and [his] kids much better than [he] anticipated [he] would.” (00:36) Even with so much on his plate, being able to study remotely and according to his own schedule has allowed him to “try not to let school interfere too much with [his] family life.” (00:47)

Doing his MBA online has allowed Manuel to enrich his education without having to take time away from work.

Manuel’s colleagues have encouraged him. His “coworkers were all very supportive. There’s actually a lot of people who have MBAs so being in this program has allowed [him] to not limit his career growth and opportunities.” (00:24)

A seamless online learning experience

When considering any kind of online education opportunity, many people compare online learning to a traditional program, taught in a classroom or lecture hall. 

Based on his experience, Manuel explains that “the transition from not being in a classroom setting to just actively participating is very seamless. It’s very quick. As soon as you sit down it’s almost immediate.” (00:51)

In the Online MBA program at Michigan Ross, students learn in an innovative online studio environment that mimics a classroom. Manuel explains that he “didn’t expect the sophistication of the virtual studio. It’s great that [students are] able to see exactly what [professors are] talking about and presenting on the board, and they’re able to actively call on people on the spot.” (01:03)

Students also have the opportunity to visit the University of Michigan campus for in-person lessons and build upon what they learn online.

The Michigan Ross Online MBA experience

The Michigan Ross Online MBA program is truly unlike any other. It’s designed with maximum flexibility in mind and aims to nurture the kind of dynamic, innovative leaders that our increasingly digital world requires.

Online MBA students get to choose what their schedule looks like. Depending on their personal circumstances and objectives, they can proceed through the program at their own pace.

Students also have the opportunity to customize their studies. This MBA program is made up of 57 credits, 18 of which are electives. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Strategies for Growth
  • Communicating in a Virtual World
  • Leading Diverse Teams and Organizations

Alongside the online component, Michigan Ross Online MBA students also learn to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. In-person residencies are a required part of the program, alongside the innovative Multidisciplinary Action Projects and Living Business Leadership Experience courses.

With world-class faculty, state-of-the-art learning technology, and an innovative curriculum, the Michigan Ross Online MBA provides students like Manuel the opportunity to achieve their career goals, without disrupting their lives.


Would you like to talk to Manuel or with another (former) student who has done or is doing an Online MBA? Get in contact via our MBA Ambassadors page. 

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