Getting down to business: Career Management at Melbourne Business School

Doing an MBA at Melbourne Business School changed the game for Jodie Auster. From emergency doctor to leading global projects at Uber, Jodie was able to utilize Melbourne Business School’s wide-ranging career management services to propel her career into the business world. Keep reading to learn more about Jodie’s journey.

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Career management services at Melbourne Business School

Before pursuing an MBA at Melbourne Business School, Jodie Auster was an emergency doctor – managing a 20-person emergency department and solving complex life-threatening problems in fast-paced, unpredictable environments.

Because of Melbourne Business School and its stellar career management services, Jodie was able to land her first business role post-healthcare. “From an employment perspective, [Melbourne Business School] allowed me to interview really easily with consulting firms and get my first job in the business world at Bain & Company,” she says. (00:16)

Today, Jodie leads Global Projects at Uber.

She says, “Doing an MBA at Melbourne Business School was a complete game-changer for me. It really allowed me to move from a very specific degree and practice of medicine and opened a whole world of opportunities for me.” (00:01)

At Melbourne Business School’s Career Management Center, MBA students can take advantage of its strong business network, career coaching, and a Personal Effectiveness Program, which helps students focus on their long-term career goals and practice the skills they need to achieve them. The school works with organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, Uber Eats, PwC, and Bain & Company.

MBA curriculum and exchange opportunities at Melbourne Business School

The MBA at Melbourne Business School can be completed in two years, with the ability to fast-track your MBA to get back to your career sooner. With an exceptional curriculum and myriad global partners, students can expect to boost important skills needed to lead in today’s workplace.

Core subjects in the Melbourne Business School MBA program include:

  • Leadership
  • Data Analysis
  • Managing People
  • Managerial Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy

Besides its core courses, students can also choose electives, such as:

  • Brand Management
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Fintech: Blockchain the New Economy
  • Game Theory for Business Strategy
  • Leadership and Change
  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Negotiations

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, Melbourne Business School is the place to be. As a member of the Partnership in International Management – a consortium of top business schools around the world – Melbourne Business School has a global network of over 50 business schools across 23 countries. Its exchange partner schools span across continents, from Columbia Business School and Kellogg School of Management in North America to Copenhagen Business School and the University of St.Gallen in Europe to NUS Business School and HKUST Business School in Asia.

Meet people like you in the Melbourne Business School MBA

Not only did Melbourne Business School open opportunities to the business world, but it also introduced Jodie to her life partner. “[The MBA at Melbourne Business School] took me to New York on exchange where I met my life partner,” Jodie reveals. “So, both personally and professionally, it really changed the direction of my life.” (00:26)

Discovering a network of like-minded people was also an eye-opener for Jodie.“Making great friends but also being surrounded by a circle of peers who were as engaged and ambitious as I was and realizing…there’s this whole group of people who feel the same way or at similar stages of life and career was really exciting at the time,” she enthuses. (00:39)

The Melbourne Business School MBA changed the game for Jodie – from emergency doctor to leading within Uber. Jodie concludes, “The network has been fabulous and I feel very grateful for the experience that I had at Melbourne Business School and because of Melbourne Business School. It just holds a lot of importance and really great memories for me.” (01:02)

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