5 things you need to know about the EU Business School MBA

John Wetherell is an economics and management lecturer at EU Business School, which has campuses across Europe in Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona, and Munich, as well as online. He shares the top five things you should know about the EU Business School and its MBA programs.

In short

1. Designed for experienced professionals

If you’re a working professional looking to take your career in management to the next level, the EU Business School MBA was made for you. It’s “specifically designed for current professionals and those with previous experience in management.” (00:18)

Indeed, you can rest assured that EU Business School will help you reach your career goals because “you will be able to choose a specialization that best fits your goals and ambitions and meets the needs of companies in the fast-changing global environment.” (00:22).

The 11 specializations you can choose from within your MBA program are:

  • International business
  • Communication and public relations
  • International marketing 
  • Global banking and finance
  • Leisure and tourism management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital business
  • Sports management
  • Human resources management
  • Design management
  • Blockchain management

You can also count on the fact that the EU Business School MBA is a top-ranked program both internationally and within Europe.

2. An incredibly diverse student body

EU Business School strives to create an international environment where students can learn from one another. At the moment, the university has students from “over 100 nationalities studying [there].” (00:52)

Its MBA program is no different as it’s composed of 92% international students.

It’s also obvious that EU Business School values diversity simply based on the location of its campuses. It has four different campuses spread across Europe, while also offering online formats:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Montreux, Switzerland
  • Munich, Germany

3. Access an impressive academic and professional network

One of the best things about doing an MBA at EU Business School is the exciting academic and professional network you get to be part of.

After graduating, you will join a global network of more than 27,000 EU Business School alumni. This network contains “your classmates, with whom you’ll have shared your time and your learning experiences, and also former students who are already beginning to make their way in the business world.” (01:03)

The other important part of this network is “professors and business leaders who you will have met and engaged with during your stay [at the EU Business School].” (01:14)

4. Great professional opportunities upon graduation

Regardless of whether you’ll be looking for a job or wanting to begin your own entrepreneurial ventures after completing your MBA program, EU Business School will help you achieve your goals.

During your studies, there will be tons of opportunities for networking with top companies because “an integral part of your experience at the EU Business School is the constant interaction that you’ll have with companies. Employers are on the lookout for graduates with international exposure, like yourselves.” (01:22)

Indeed, 93% of students from the EU Business School’s MBA program accept a job offer within six months of finishing their studies.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about starting your own business, “you’ll have the best support and guidance in order to successfully [do so].” (01:43)

5. An ideal mix of theory and practice

Last but not least, EU Business School aims to provide its students with a truly balanced learning experience. They partner with official state universities and work to find the perfect mix between theory and practice in their programs. EU Business School’s emphasis on experiential learning – through company visits, business simulations, prestigious guest speakers (including the flagship Learning From Leaders conference series), networking events, and much more – ensures students can apply classroom learning to hands-on business environments. 

In addition, the high-caliber faculty combines academic credentials with extensive real-world professional experience to give students the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the workplace of the future.

“Our programs are internationally recognized and are often given in partnership with official state universities,” John says. “Their aim is to give you the ideal mix of theory and practice in order to give you the confidence to go out and make a difference in your future career.” (01:50).

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