From Vietnam to Germany: Becoming a global citizen through an MBA

Ha Nguyen, a full-time MBA student at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, talks about her inner entrepreneurial drive and how her wish to become a global citizen made her travel from the far east to a different country in the west.

In short

The global aspect

Thanks to modern technology it’s possible to meet with colleagues in Tokyo, Berlin, and Boston all before lunch. Understanding the cultural differences and how what happens in one part of the world can affect people continents away is part of being a global citizen.

Ha Nguyen traveled from Vietnam to Germany not only for an MBA degree but to get international professional experience. Her objective was to become a global citizen. As Ha explained, “I want to advance my leadership skills and also develop my interpersonal skills, intercultural communication and widen my global horizon.” (01:02)

If you are thinking of changing countries or roles, you need the knowledge and determination to pursue a new direction. Graduate schools like HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management arm you with all the tools you need for a career change on a global scale.

The flexible modules

MBA curriculums are rooted in business fundamentals. At HHL, the course is structured to allow you to connect your education to current global and organizational issues. The HHL MBA is ideal if you are unable to take significant time out of the workplace to pursue your MBA. 

Ha says, “One of the things [that’s] special about HHL is that the curriculum is quite flexible. So, while all MBA courses are for 12 months, the HHL program offers you the options – you can choose between a 12-month or a 21-month program”. (03:25)

The 21-month module surely gives more learning opportunities, gives more room to gather experience, and also gives more networking opportunities. Students opting for this option can also develop their global citizenship by going on international study trips.

The close-knit professional network

One of the key reasons for choosing an MBA program is for its networking benefits. In the professional world, knowing the right people can really spell the difference between success and failure. There are really few things more powerful than a network of well-connected people. 

Ha’s thoughts are very similar. She chose HHL because it is one of the “top 5 business schools in Germany” but also because of the alumni network. “The alumni network is very supportive … I receive a lot of support from them,” she says. (02:33)

Becoming a global citizen with a diverse cohort

Ha’s MBA class has students from all across the globe. Diverse academic backgrounds, diversity of culture, varied languages, and varied professions – all of these together prepare you for an international and multicultural environment. Ha embraced this diversity to fulfill her dream of becoming a global citizen.

The diverse yet interconnected class helped Ha excel at HHL. She made friends and valuable global connections, which opened new vistas for her future career. To others considering joining the HHL MBA, Ha gives the advice, “Be yourself, get ready to learn, to change.” She adds, “Give your best and show who you are; you will be able to contribute to the diversity of the cohort.”(07:48)

Curious to hear more about the HHL MBA experience? Reach out to Ha and more HHL student ambassadors here!

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