Everything you need to know about taking an MBA in HR at the Athena School of Management

Bhumika Das is a Mumbai-based student who’s currently pursuing an MBA at Athena School of Management. She’s also chosen her specialty as human resources (HR). She told us more about doing an MBA in HR, Athena School of Management’s programs in general, and how her MBA experience has left a mark on her both personally and professionally.

In short

About the MBA in HR specialization at Athena School of Management

At Athena School of Management, MBA students have the opportunity to choose one of three specialties: marketing, finance, or human resources. For Bhumika, it was an easy choice.

Pursuing an MBA in HR made sense to Bhumika because she realized how well her passions and abilities would fit into a career in human resources. 

“Human resources are the heart of the company. They play a very important role in day-to-day business. They identify and hire the right talent for the organization and I saw recruitment as my passion. I love meeting different people with different skill sets and matching them with what the company’s looking for,” she describes. (04:09)

When taking a human resources specialization at the Athena School of Management, you start off by taking the same core courses as the other students. When you get to the third semester, everyone starts branching off into their specializations.

Some examples of the courses students take under the HR MBA specialty include:

  • Industrial psychology
  • Industrial relations
  • Compensation management
  • Training and development

All in all, students who choose an HR specialization at the Athena School of Management get prepared to be the kind of dynamic human resources leaders that the corporate world needs. “If your employee is not happy, then the negative effect will have a huge toll on the organization,” Bhumika cautions. (05:15)

The MBA program at Athena School of Management

Athena School of Management is an innovative business school located in Mumbai, India’s financial and commercial capital. They have a range of programs designed for ambitious students who want to pursue dynamic careers in the corporate world.

Bhumika explains, “Athena has a great balance between practical and theory knowledge. They have provided a curriculum where you can not only understand theory but how [to use] that theory.” (02:09)

One of Athena School of Management’s most popular programs is their two-year, full-time Post-Graduate Program in Management (PGPM), or MBA. Here are just a few of the elements that make it so special:

  • A great placement record in some of India’s top companies.
  • A total of 7-8 months of different internships are included in the program.
  • International immersion at top universities in Asia and Europe.
  • Faculty made up of high-level corporate leaders.
  • A focus on nurturing students into future leaders.
  • The opportunity to choose an MBA specialization.

How Bhumika’s MBA experience impacted her personally and professionally

Bhumika’s MBA experience gave her the opportunity to put the skills and abilities she always knew she had inside herself into practice. She noted a great improvement in soft skills like her verbal and communication abilities, which are the bread and butter of the HR industry.

“Effective communication is the fundamental skill required for professionals to succeed,” she asserts. (11:56)

Bhumika’s MBA also provided her with a greater awareness of the intertwined nature of the global market. “Earning an MBA puts you in close connection with other students around the country and world, who have different experiences and perspectives on the global economy,” she elaborates. (11:38)

On a purely practical level, Bhumika emphasizes how much taking an MBA can increase the job opportunities that come your way. “Employers typically look to hire or promote a candidate with an MBA because they have skills in marketing, finance, HR that others within the organizations may lack.” (13:11)

Because the job market is so competitive, doing an advanced degree is just one way that ambitious young people can set themselves apart.

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